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AFRICA FASHION & CULTURAL WEEK (AFCW) is a beautiful fashion and cultural event, which will attract a healthy economy and a high quality of life. It is partially dependent on press, buyers, retailers and fashion icons thus withs its average visitor aged 14-70 and above.

The AFCW would dedicate an entire day to menswear fashion designers. Singapore dedicated a few days to men's shows. Los Angeles followed suite launching Men's Fashion Week LA in 2012. Additionally, Vancouver does Men's Fashion Week. Among other cities, New York and Paris.

The AFCW will be held twice a year in the capital city and the second economic city of each African Country. The exhibition will be a one week event consisting of cultural events such as Fashion exhibition, men’s fashion shows, art exhibition, a taste of african music and networking that will further enrich the event.

The purpose for AFCW is to discover, showcase and inspire fashion talent in and from Africa, as well as from the rest of the world. Africa is a continent with unique fashion inspirations and de-sign aesthetics which we desire to showcase to the world.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the event is to change the perception of the african culture and promote these countries as a tourist destination in art and fashion, increasing the awareness of the destination and most importantly attract international tourist, thus increasing the destination’s tourism industry and economy. The program has been created to promote the African culture and to attract international tourist to these countries and will have activities to suit an array of tastes with support from the local businesses and sponsors. The event will hold many opportunities for further development such as collaboration with local businesses and the neighboring countries.

Africa Fashion & Cultural Week is the first and sole Fashion event in Africa that dedicates an entire day to Menswear and thus will gain grounds and draw enormous press attention.


AFCW would like to expand the African fashion and textile industry through mentoring, ex-hibiting and promoting home based and international African and African-inspired design-ers. The ultimate vision is the empowerment of African designers, highlighting their contri-butions to the industry and branding African countries as global players in fashion, art and culture.

And supporting the development in the menswear segment in Africa. Here-by producing a Fashion Week dedicating an entire day to menswear and male fashion and designers.

Target Group

This fashion industry event is held for fashion professionals and fashion occult. It is an event for designers and brands to showcase upcoming collections to press, media, stylists, buyers, fashion trailblazers and, in some cases, the public.

Africa Fashion & Cultural Week is seeking to attract business from China, Europe and the neighbouring African countries in order to boost it’s economy. An event of such magnitude like the AFCW will run for it’s first in different countries of Africa. Partnering with Men’s Style Fashion Uk, the event plans to receive funding through a variety of sponsors and private donations.


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